My first memories of taking photographs was when I was about 10 years old and taken for a day out by my grandmother to Edinburgh. For some reason my grandfather, who was not accompanying us, had decided to trust me with his point and shoot Nikon digital camera (all of 3 megapixels), and I found that I enjoyed the experience. My grandfather, being quite relieved that his camera was returned intact, was also quite impressed with my efforts, in that most of my images were, in his words - "printable". I believe he may still have these image files somewhere.

For some reason I did not pursue the experience for 5 years or so when, after persuading my Dad to buy me a used Nikon P1 from a local pawn shop, I found that I could actually take some reasonable quality images. I quickly upgraded to a Nikon D3100 DSLR as a Xmas present and from that moment was on my way.

I recently successfully completed a 3 year course at New College Lanarkshire (Motherwell Campus) in Scotland culminating in me achieving a Higher National Diploma in Photography. This was as much to my surprise as the last word I would use to describe myself would be "Academic". However I suppose it proves the adage "If you don't try ....."

During my time at college, and continuing to the present, I became particularly interested in researching image "Restoration & Retouching" techniques. This is an area of the photographic industry which I feel is sadly overlooked. I am convinced that there are countless excellent images "out there" which will never see the light of day because they were not "perfect out of the camera". In addition many irreplaceable images - most likely pre digital - are disappearing forever by being thrown out in the trash as household clutter. Many undoubtedly would contain historic events and could be restored and subsequently archived to be displayed and enjoyed, perhaps as never before.

In my spare time I have discovered the joys of Street Photography and how it keenly develops one's awareness of people, society, and our environment, much of which just passes us by. These skills obviously are of great benefit to any photographer as it trains the eye to spot the unusual within the commonplace.

I am currently based in the Central Belt of Scotland about mid-point between it's capital city Edinburgh and it's largest city Glasgow.