Why restore a photographic image?

What kind of images can be restored?

What does restoring an image mean?

How much will it cost?


Photographs that have seen better days.

These are of the type often discovered in old photo albums, at the back of a drawer, or in an attic in a "shoe box". You know the kind of thing. They were usually taken and collected by previous generations, or even perhaps by ourselves, when we were younger.

Some, let's face it, could never be considered worthy candidates for restoration, as they may be faded, poorly framed, or even creased, torn, or otherwise flawed or damaged.

Now there may be a strong temptation, during a clear out, to dispose of all of these, as they would almost certainly be unsuitable to ever again be displayed.

But wait.... Some of these pictures will contain irreplaceable memories of people, places, and events.

Did you know that the images they contain can usually be restored, and often also invisibly repaired, to a "better than new" condition?

These restorations, once completed, WOULD be of display quality.

Memories of historic events, places, and people, would once again be available for display and, importantly, be a quality heirloom for generations to come.

The service provided by us is customised, as we believe that each image candidate should be individually assessed.

This requires communicating with the customer to discuss the many options available and, within the constraints of economic practicality, offer our recommended suggestions.  

Please do not look upon this method of approach as an excuse for us to charge excessive prices.

It is merely that we would prefer that each image is regarded as an individual project and, by doing so, strive to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction with the finished product.

We have provided a gallery of our work, (hyperlink here) which will give you some idea of various types of restoration projects that we have undertaken already.