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Mastin Labs is a company based in Seattle, Washington (USA) who produce presets for Abobe Camera Raw and Abobe Lightroom that simulate several popular film brands.

I have used various other film simulation presets in the past, but after using the Mastin Labs Ilford pack of presets (which comprise HP5, Pan F, and Delta 3200). I am firmly of the opinion that those other presets didn't quite have that little extra attention to detail which the Mastin team has managed to achieve by precisely matching the attributes of a film negative scan with that of an identically captured digital image.


Why I chose Mastin Labs?

Many producers adopt the principle of providing an overload of presets, sometimes over 50 variants, and apply the principle of "more must be better". Mastin, on the other hand, apply the principle of "less is more" and the ones they do produce are of genuine quality.

This makes life a lot easier for a busy photographer as very often it is no more than a one click fix, and although their film type simulations do offer some secondary adjustments, as often as not, they get it right first time. This also makes it a lot easier to produce a consistant output.


Why do I like the Ilford presets so much?

I currently use these presets for my Street Photography work, and the simplicity allows me to quickly edit my photographs in no time, while producing a high quality output. It also allows me to concentrate more time on my clients in other sectors.


Why should you choose Mastin Labs?

This is a question that I cannot fully answer as it must come down to your personal taste, but if you want your digital images to accurately appear as if they have been produced using a film camera then Mastin's products will not disappoint.


(For legal reasons, I have to disclose that I am an affiliate of "Mastin Labs", and should you purchase the Ilford preset pack from "Mastin" I will receive a small commision payment from them.)

To show my gratitude to purchasers using my Affiliate Link I would love to try to answer any questions about the Mastin Labs Ilford pack, so you can contact me using the link below.

Click on the Logo for my Affiliate Link!

Click on the Logo for my Affiliate Link!

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